For our project, whose aim is to enhance the Tuscan “terroire”, obviously we have chosen 100% Tuscan professionals.

Both of them with long experience in Tuscan firms, especially of the Chianti region, therefore aware of the potential, the secrets and the vocation of the lands of Poggio di Guardia.

The strength and qualitative advantage of our region is a centuries-old history of wine production, which prevents us from making mistakes already made in the past. Hence, we concentrate mainly on technical details and innovation. 
We like to say that we produce wines with a robust Tuscan character, with respect towards what the “terroire” offers, with a modern-day touch. All this turns wine from a simple drink to pair with a meal into a unique nectar from our hills.

In Tuscany there are not so many wine-growing regions where it is possible to be a pioneer.
This is what Federico and Stefano perceived in this special place.
Friendship together with new agronomic and oenological challenges did the rest.

Stefano di Blasi & Federico Cerelli

Federico Cerelli

Born in Figline Valdarno , 17-year-experience in prestigious Italian wineries with the responsibility and the supervision of important winemaking
projects, especially in Tuscany and in the Chianti Classico wine region (Antinori, Castello di Meleto, Castello di Gabbiano, …).

Federico's intense knowledge and passion, his continuous research for quality and innovation have been a great asset for the winery. He trusts in the most traditional practices, that over time have become the best, and in the modern technology, which - he thinks -  allows us to replicate the oldest actions with maximum control and aim.

Stefano Di Blasi

Born in Florence and graduated in Agriculture in 1995, initially worked with Antinori for more than 10 years to then become a free lance consultant.

Stefano is particularly involved in most of the wine appellations of Tuscany: Chianti classico, Rufina and Bolgheri and in Eastern Europe: Hungary and Romania.

Stefano is Agronomist and Winemaker and believes that top results can be achieved only taking maximum care of each single step, from the vine plantation to the bottle.